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 MacBookPro9,2 MacBookPro9,2
-Use Linux gdisk to partition+Using Mac disk utility makes Win8 sad since it contains a hybrid GPT/MBR partition. Windows will flat out refuse to install with MBR present so use Linux gdisk command to create partition table from scratch. It will say disk has protected MBR but that doesn't seem to be a problem. 
   part1 256 MB type EE00 # EFI   part1 256 MB type EE00 # EFI
   part2 80  GB type AF00 # Mac   part2 80  GB type AF00 # Mac
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   part4 *      type 8300 # Linux   part4 *      type 8300 # Linux
-Install order: Windows, Mac, Linux+Install order: Windows8, Mac, Linux
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